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Unearth Your Impact.

Sometimes in life, we get thrust onto the pathways of our purpose. Sometimes, when we blink, a whole series of universal shifts occur to usher us into a new realm of life experience. Sometimes we are pushed, and the momentum that propels us forward into uncharted territories terrifies us. However, we are designed to withstand the blur of uncertainty that the push may induce. We are designed to be able to exist and thrive and persevere through the unknown. We are designed to lean and free fall into the vastness of our potential.

We can endure because we are never alone. Our hearts, minds and spirits are eternally tethered to the divine wellspring -- the source that meets every need. Grace and peace and love and nourishment and joy and hope and courage are always within our reach. Through the process of our creation, they were encoded into our DNA. When we look toward the divinity within us, we find that there is no necessity we lack.

Move forward, pressing toward the goal of God's call for you (Philippians 3:14). Wait expectantly for God to speak to you and provide clarity as you take each step (Psalm 5:3, Proverbs 3:5, Proverbs 1:23). You are capable and equipped because of divine design. Press through fear and find how the fullness of who you are can illuminate and shape the world around you. Unearth the impact of all you were created to be!

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