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Self love epiphany

Helllloooooo world! Introducing a Candace who loves herself and ain’t afraid to share that with herself or others. What a special gift I’ve uncovered in quarantine. The ritual of talking with myself in the mirror delivering words of positive affirmation have unlocked an resolute sense of self-love. I’ve felt so gloomy and moody and irritated and unmotivated this week, and I’ve found so much compassion for me that’s rooted in a deep sense of love. I even had a moment today where I declared to friends, omg, I LOVE me! Moody, sassy, fierce and fun. This chica is one of a kind and I like what she’s putting down, ha!

Let me tell you, speaking about myself and to myself in this way has unleashed a super power. Perseverance takes a whole new meaning through the framework of self-love. Despite all the things that might not overtly line up to reflect my good favor, my worthiness doesn’t waver because it’s deeply rooted in my being.

I’ve worked hard at this. I’ve cultivated a lifestyle of hard course, deep, no questions about how much I love me. I’ve noticed even a shift of becoming hyper aware and critical of activities, patterns, energies that are misaligned and impose upon or inhibit me in achieving and feeling the desires of my heart.

Unfinished thinking here but I’m off to dreamland and I thought to share this with you before bed because I like to share epiphanies, and I also love you. We should talk about this sometime though. In what ways do you LOVE yourself fully? In what ways do you need to grow?

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