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I knew You once.

This image was the writing prompt for this work.
The Smokies near Gaitlinburg, TN

I knew you once.

I knew your lushness that lured wild hearts into unknown and unexplored depths.

Wild hearts seeking solace.

Wild hearts longing to escape their reality while marveling at your grandeur.

Wild hearts waning,


yet fervent in their exploration of you.

I knew your rolling summits that sprawled miles boundlessly.

That boastfully publicized their worth with pithy stateliness.

Every curve and crevice encapsulating and enshrining each molecule of value.

I knew the weight of the air around you.

Light with the freshness of possibility,

Yet laden with clouds composed of densely charged particles of potential.

Unexpected lightening bolts of your charisma always threatening to manifest.

Whispering and mighty winds of dreams, thoughts and perspectives stirring about.

I knew you deeply and intimately.

I understood the meaning of the variances in your hues.

How the light pinks, oranges and yellows of your morning sky revealed the vibrancy of your hopefulness, and how the smoldering greys and midnight blues displayed your brooding despair.

How brilliant, bright greens exhibited your prowess, your vitality, and untapped potency.

How brittle browns exposed just how much you let others pull from your purpose until you remained parched and depleted.

I understood the breadth and expansiveness of your terrain.

How it was patterned with sweeping and winding paths of unpredictability.