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Back at it again with a fresh flow...

Heyyy boo thangs!

Long time, no talk. I know. I'm sorry for the hiatus. I can't even lie to you all. I made a bunchhh of excuses to not write in 2019, even though I know there was consistently a strong pull on me to do so. Who cares about your writing? Nobody's asked for it! You're too busy! If you can't really do it much, is it worth doing at all? I don't have answers or responses to the doubts, and questions, and uncertainties that came up last year, but I know that this blog and the practice of writing hold a lot of weight for me. They are intimately entwined in my life purpose.

I still remember the clarity of divine ordinance that I felt when I started this blog. I remember how sure of myself I felt being able to take such diligent ownership over the crafting of words to reflect my life experiences. I also remember each time since that moment that I've talked myself out of writing when I wanted to, better yet, needed to. I remember the tugs at my heartstrings, little pangs of emotional heaviness, that came because I wasn't releasing the wisdom, the authentic expression of vulnerability, the joy, the trial, the learnings that I know I've been called to share.

So here I am. I've learned. I've evolved. I've recommitted. No regrets, just growth. Just a new willingness to share me with the world. Here we go!

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