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Always in position

Today at several moments I felt the presence of God in my being.

When someone says this, I know people start to panic. Who talks about God any more? Certainly not people who regularly twerk and curse and love exploring the sexual nature of their bodies and beings... but I digress.

There were these moments today, several in fact, when my heart cracked open and my spirit, God's spirit of divine wisdom, poured out. That description made these moments sound pretty glamorous, huh?

They weren't.

I felt this 'crack and pour' feeling while smiling with my soul

as I recorded a voice memo for a friend, while sitting beneath a tree on my front steps and watching the Brooklyn breeze calm the earth without being asked,

while writing an email,

while listening to winding notes stream out of a guitar by way of whatsapp

by way of my phone,

while hugging my roommate, while hosting a IG live with 8 people on it at a time,

while writing about the dangers of the word "ethnic" in the hair care industry.

Yup, let me burst that glamour bubble and remind you that God is in the details.

Particularly the ones we could care less about.

I was reminded today that God is always waiting to deliver truth, awakening, help, love, joy, growth, healing, nourishment...

Always waiting for us to tune into the deepest parts of ourselves,

in the position where we can best hear

to speak through the simplest moments of our days

and alert of our humanity.

When we get the alerts our hearts crack open,

and spirit pours out,

if we let it,

that someone else might be made honest, awoken, helped, loved, filled with bliss, pressed beyond the limits of a restricted self, healed, nourished...

by the movement and outpouring of the small blessings we received.

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