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creatively encouraging and motivating individuals to be the unique creations they are designed to be and do the beautiful works they are purposed to do. 

Flock in Flight


Connecting Creations started off as a small, mustard seed-sized dream that grows and evolves each day into a brand that inspires, encourages and motivates others to find and dive deeper into their purpose and their truth. I am tremendously grateful to have been given this vision of my purpose during a time in my life when all that I knew seemed to be falling apart around me. It was my light in the darkness. I am passionate about the work that I do through motivational coaching, expressive movement, engaging dialogue and empowering writing. I've been granted the capacity to transform the people and spaces that I encounter; I feel blessed with the responsibility of these gifts. I hope that you, even if only through a visit to this site, are inspired in some life-altering way to move forward toward your dreams! 

Love and light

Candace L. Taylor


Are you ready to reveal your

greatest you to the universe?


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Now things start to get juicy!

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