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light up your life

Burnt out. Stuck. Exhausted. Stressed. Bored. Frustrated. These are all the words I help my clients to eradicate from their worlds through my coaching programs. If you are a creative, entreprenuer, leader or some combo of them all, I want to help!

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you're a genius

Get it while it's hot! Get this one of a kind merch from our first custom Connecting Creations drop. The Genius Affirmation line has us feeling ourselves and you deserve that too. Yes, we will all take one in every color.

Skin Care, Hair Care, Self Care.. Oh my!

Are you looking to take wellness to the next level with products that nourish your body and being? Do you want to show that you care about your well being and others with your purchases? 

Schedule a
free consult with a personal self-care partner to learn how you can bring a much needed spark to your self-care regime! Can't wait to start exploring. Check out some of our Skincare, Haircare & Wellness products here!

FP Movement

I'm a proud brand partner for FP Movement, a high quality fitness apparel line. I just love how their collections look and fit while I am on the move. When I say I'm in love! I really mean it. Click here to shop my favs!

start a career in

dance fitness

305 Fitness is a dance cardio workout that is transforming the world and the lives of countless individuals, including Connecting Creations leader, Candace Taylor. We teach individuals how to empower their communities to love themselves harder and express themselves louder using our proven format and DJ-curated music mixes. This community is lit lit! 

Use promo code candace20 for a 20% discount on an upcoming training.

let's sweat

Fitness doesn't have to be miserable. Join Connecting Creations coaches around the US for some fun filled workouts that will make you love taking care of your body through movement even more!

Tap, tap, tap in.

Connect with your inner world through an exploratory Tarot & Crystal reading. These beautifully clarifying experiences are great for moments of transition in life.

we're in this together

Collaboration and connection will always be at the heart of any experience at Connecting Creations. Do you have an event, workshop, idea for a blog post you want to co-create? Let us know. We look forward to partnering with you! 

you can change your mind.

Here's a featured resource: this guided meditative exercise is all about creating a paradigm shift in your life that allows you to construct the life of your dreams using the power of your mind. We've loved used this gem to create liberation for ourselves. Let us know what you think about it! 

write the vision.

One of the most revered rituals in the Connecting Creations Community is writing. We see the externalization of our inner gifts as an invitation for our divine collaborators to support the desires of our hearts and dreams of our souls.
Check out our writing
on the

Write The Vision Blog

Be sure to drop a line in the comments and let us know what arises for you as you read.

First things first...

Perfect... Heyy, boo!

Now things start to get juicy!

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