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Let's Dance!

Virtual dance parties Wednesdays in January. Let's werk it out but make sure it's lots of fun!
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Skin Care, Hair Care, Self Care.. Oh my!

Are you looking to take wellness to the next level with products that nourish your body and being? Do you want to show that you care about your well being and others with your purchases? 
Check out Monat Skincare, Haircare & Wellness lines.
Head to our Offerings page to schedule a free consult to discuss with a self-care partner what products would best serve you. 

Live Life Authentically & Fully!

You'v waited long enough. It's time to start or amplify purposeful living and create more alignment between your actions and your inner truth.
The Lightbearer's Liberated Leadership course is a 6 week deep dive into practices that cultivate self-trust and authentic living at it's finest. 
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Tap, tap, tap in.

Connect with your inner world through an exploratory Tarot & Crystal reading.
You can even sign up for a monthly reading subscription to foster consistency in your efforts to connect with your internal intuitive wisdom.

Join the 305 Certified Community

305 Fitness is a dance cardio workout that is transforming the world and the lives of countless individuals, including Connecting Creations leader, Candace Taylor. We teach individuals how to empower their communities to love themselves harder and express themselves loudeer using our proven format and DJ-curated music.
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Write The Vision

One of the most revered rituals in the Connecting Creations Community is writing. We see the externalization of our inner gifts as an invitation for our divine collaborators to support the desires of our hearts and dreams of our souls.
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Write The Vision Blog
Be sure to drop a line in the comments and let us know what arises for you as you read.

Side Hustle Taster Class

This  FREE 90 minute session will help you organize and clarify what your most pressing goals are and  identify if you are ready to ignite your inner flame to fuel the upgrade of your side hustle.
Sign up for a session on January 5 or 6

We're in this together

Collaboration and connection will always be at the heart of any experience at Connecting Creations. Do you have an event, workshop, idea for a blog post you want to co-create? Let us know here. We look forward to partnering with you! 

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