Meet candace 

A zesty, cart-wheel enthusiast, recovering travel addict and world famous hype girl!

Some people call Candace the human form of glitter. Others call her a bright light. No matter what, Candace is known for her ability to positively inspire and impact the lives of hundreds of individuals through movement, through words but most importantly through simply being.

Candace is passionate about creating a community of power-filled, courageous and bold individuals around the world united through the desire to live life according to the fullness of their purpose and abundant potential.

& the connecting creations community

Joy chasers with an aversion to the ordinary, building the world we want to live in!

The seed of passion within Candace led to the birth of Connecting Creations, a lifestyle & wellness brand and global community of dreamers and achievers. We align ourselves with products, ethos and experiences that nourish our authentic truth and feed the deep needs within our souls. Candace and the Connecting Creations are committed to being a pillar of strength, protection, exploration, safety, solace, discovery, comfort and prosperity for many.

shall we dream?

  • Let's groove tonight or today... as long as we are moving, we're good!

    10 US dollars
  • Move your body. Make magic in your life.

    45 min

    80 US dollars
  • Using the art of Tarot and crystal work to connect with your inner you

    45 min

    40 US dollars
  • A product consult to get you on the path to a healthier, happier you!

    30 min

  • Use the art of abundant thinking to draw your innermost desires to you

    45 min

    90 US dollars

events & experiences

Join the Connecting Creations Community for an epic

Activate Happiness

Virtual 305 Fitness class

Tuesday 12/15 at

3:00 PM PT | 6:00 PM ET

join the fun!

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Candace has supported me in getting clear on the areas where I have created energetic blocks which has allowed me to open up to a new level of receiving. Candace has a tough love approach that cuts through the BS and simultaneously opens my heart and mind to a new and more joyful existence. Bring your limiting beliefs to Candace and watch them disappear almost instantly. She’s epic!

Maria M.

Space, inspiration, and inquiry are pillars of the transformational power that Candace’s presence provides. Her balance of strength, compassion, and expansive vision will facilitate your own breakdown of self-limiting beliefs, excuses, fear, and blocks toward the full, abundant, and radiant life you seek. After a weekend of moving, conversing, and being present with Candace, I finally stopped making excuses and stepped out of my own shadows to launch a business that for so long was only a dream. If you are actually ready for change, Candace is the perfect catalyst. Get ready for your light to shine bright!

Charlotte R.

Everything Candace does is magic. To share space with her is a transcendent gift.

Kelly M.

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